Volunteer Information

                                        REHEARSAL PLACE AND TIME

                                                                                Kiel City Hall, 2nd floor auditorium     

                                                        Monday and Thursday evenings - 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM

                                                                 Bring your instrument and let's make music!

                                             The KMB welcomes musicians from nearby communities and from
                     as far away as one wishes to travel to be in a community band that performs throughout the year!
              We are always in need of flutes, tubas, drums, saxophones, bassoons, trombones, euphoniums, clarinets,
                           French horns, oboes, baritones, trumpets, and any instrument that fits into a concert band.
             If you are a veteran musician, first time player, or just love to play an instrument, the KMB could be for you.
                                                    All wind and percussion instrumentalists are welcome!

                                               If you would like to join the KMB please complete the survey below: